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     It is with much excitement and also great sadness we announce that we have decided to make a name change as well as a change in field location. Nothing can take the place of the many years we have spent with our players and parents with the Bison Youth Organization however, it is now time we move to the next era in youth football.
     In 2001, we felt there had to be a place the young people of the community could go to learn good fundamental football. So, in 2002, we started the league called the Sumner County Stars. The following year, we approached Station Camp High School about being a feeder program for their newly started high school. The high school administration was very excited about the idea that would eventually lead to a 14 year partnership, 27 CHAMPIONSHIP SEASONS across 4 age groups, and 17 CHEER CHAMPIONSHIPS. Thanks goes out to former Station Camp Principle David Hallman and Athletic Director Farrell Zissette for allowing us the opportunity to be part of the Station Camp name. We will never forget the good and the not so good times we were able to spend with the people of the program over the past 14 seasons. With every championship, there is always a time of intense hard work and preparation. The hard times truly make us appreciate the good. We have truly had some good times thanks to all the people that helped make it a great organization.
     We will start our new era of championship football at the JPII facility with the introduction of the Sumner County Knights. We believe this opportunity was not simply by chance, but rather one of greater meaning. We now hold their core values of “Love Your Brother, Attention to Detail, No Regret, and Pride” as part of our league standard. We have found their faith based approach to the athlete only increases potential.
     Our previous Bison Youth and now present Sumner County Knights program is not in any way affiliated with or supports any other Bison or Bisons youth program that has started or will start in the future. We encourage our past players to assist us in this new venture of youth football. We will never forget the time we shared with the people in the Bison Youth program however, we look forward to better things and more championship football to come.
Visit Out New Website at jrknightsfootball.com








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